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Code of Conduct

Level 17

Killeagh GAA Club Code of Conduct

Role of the Club

The main objective of Killeagh GAA Club is to ensure that the players are encouraged to learn and play the games of Hurling & Football, in a safe and friendly environment.  All players are encouraged to participate in Club activities, make friends and have fun.

In addition, the development of the player’s social skills is also considered important. Participating as a ‘Killeagh Player’ should be a positive experience and should help in the development of each individual.

The Code of Conduct for all players outlines the rules and procedures which should be observed and practised by all members to ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves while participating in Club activities.

General Code

1. Respect, courtesy and honesty are required of every member of the Club.
2. All players must be registered as members of the Club on an annual basis and in the case of juveniles with their parents/guardians consent.
3. Respect must be shown at all times for team mates, coach’s, officials, referee’s parents, guardians, opponents and visitors.
4.  Players’ must always respect club property and should have regard for their own and others personal belongings.
5. Crude of offensive language is not acceptable and bullying of any description will not be tolerated.
6. Players are required to act as ambassadors for the Club at all times especially on away trips both on and off the field.
7. Loitering in the vicinity of the Club Grounds, Club House, Gym and Car Park that may cause offence to other Club members or members of the public is strictly forbidden.
8. Members are advised to refrain from the use of Alcohol, Non Prescription Drugs and Tobacco. (Parents are requested to inform coaches should their child require any medication.
9. Abuse of Club facilities and property will not be tolerated.
10. In the case of Juveniles Parents/Guardians are required to collect their children promptly from training and games.
Code of Conduct-Players

1. All players must play fairly, do their best and comply with the rules of both Hurling and Football at all times.
2. All players are requested to be punctual for both training and games and to be properly attired with the correct playing gear.  Helmets and gum shields are compulsory and should be worn at all times.
3. All forms of Photographic equipment i.e.; Camera phones etc. are not permitted in the dressing rooms.
4. Respect must be shown to your team-mates and opponents. Decisions made by officials must be respected and accepted gracefully.
5. Players should represent their Club with pride, dignity and commitment.
6. Regardless of results players should be supportive of each other and their coaches.
7. Opponents, referees and officials should be thanked after each game.
8. Always remember to be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

Code of Conduct – Mentors

1. Avoid physical or verbal abuse.
2. Coach by example and encourage sportsmanship and fair play at all time especially among juvenile players.
3. Ensure that sufficient time and attention is given to less talented players.
4. Ensure that training is enjoyable for all player.
5. Do not put too much emphasis on results but rather on the effort made.
6. Avoid verbal exchanges with opposing mentors, referees and officials which could have a negative impact on the club
7. Do not rebuke a player for making a mistake- always encourage.
8.  In the case of juveniles – avoid taking children to your home or taking children on journeys alone in your car.
9. Avoid spending excessive amounts of time with children away from others.
10. Never take sessions alone.
11. Be a” Role Model” and maintain the highest standard of conduct when interacting with children, parents and officials.

Code of Conduct – Parents

1. Always encourage and support your child in their sport.
2. Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching your child.
3. Behave responsibly on the sideline.
4. Bring children to and from training and games on time.
5. Encourage your child to play by the rules.
6. Ensure your child has the correct training/playing gear.
7. Support the coaches and help out wherever necessary.
8. Ensure that your child is a paid up member and registered.
9. Respect the coach’s decisions and encourage your children to do the same.
10. Show your support for your children by attending matches on a regular basis and helping out in club activities.

Disciplinary Procedures

1. Coach’s/ Mentors are responsible for discipline within their panel of players; they are encouraged to deal with any minor breaches of discipline which may arise.
2. Should there be continuous breaches of discipline the coach should advise an Officer of the club. In the case of a Juvenile player, parents/guardians should always be informed.
3. In the case of a serious breach of discipline or continuous misbehaviour the coach/mentor shall refer the matter to the Committee without delay.
4. The Committee shall then appoint two Officers to speak with the player. In the case of a Juvenile Player parents/guardian should be present at all times and be party to any interviews that may be held in an effort to resolve the matter.
5. Should the matter not be resolved any sanction imposed by the club should be proportionate to the offence. Killeagh GAA Club reserves the right to suspend any individual for a serious breach of the Code of Conduct. The Club also reserves the right to withdraw membership or in extreme cases to expel a person from the Club.
6. Personal hearings will be granted to all players/parents/guardians by Killeagh GAA Committee at all stages of disciplinary procedures if sought or required.

This Code will be reviewed annually.                                           



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